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Our expertise in arranging Landlords Insurance and Property Owners Insurance gives our customers the confidence of receiving market leading protection for their significant investments at a fair price.

Low cost Landlords Insurance from secure UK Insurers

Comprehensive cover

  • Day one Reinstatement
  • Trace & Access
  • Loss of rent
  • Alternative Accomodation
  • and lots more

Landlords Insurance for ANY tenant type

  • Unoccupied buildings
  • HMOs
  • Student Lets
  • Waste & Recyling Tenants
  • Social Security Tenants
Property Owners Insurance Landlords Insurance

Whether you are a single buy-to-let owner or a corporate property investor with a varied schedule of assets, we can arrange competitively priced Landlords Insurance protection tailored to suit your exact needs and budget.

We only utilise secure UK Insurers for Landlords Insurance so you can be confident  your investment is secure whatever unforeseen event happens.

Our policies can cater for difficult risks such as unoccupied properties, Waste & Recycling tenants and buildings with non-standard construction.

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Why use Butler Evans?

Our approach to Landlords Insurance is based around three key principles – A great price & cover product, integrated repair & damage claims support and simple Insurance administration.

All our products include the very best cover available including:

  • Full perils on unoccupied premises
  • Trace & Access
  • Deletion of Average clauses
  • Rental Guarantee
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Property Owner’s Liability
  • Pollution cleanup liability
  • Environmental Impairment
  • Terrorism
  • Portfolio Insurance management and Premium invoicing

In addition, where you require we offer supplementary Landlords Insurance services with professional providers to secure:

  • Property Valuations
  • Lettings Management
  • Loss adjusting
  • Minor repair & maintenance management
  • Major loss services

Underinsurance Protection – Day one basis of reinstatement on all our Property Owners Insurance

As a property investor you will often focus on the value of properties in your portfolio, however small investors may not be aware that the insurance sum insured represents the cost of reinstating your property, i.e. the rebuild cost and not the market value. Our Landlords Insurance includes day one basis protection to give you inflation proofed full reinstatement of buildings which are damaged. Our broking experts will assist you to value your portfolio correctly for insurance purposes to ensure you are not underinsured and protected against Average Clauses

Condition of Average in Landlords Insurance

If you are not familiar with this insurance policy condition, it can come as a nasty surprise. If you disclose a building value which is too low then, when it comes to a claim, Insurers will hold you responsible for self-insuring part of the loss. See a full explanation of the Average Clause here

The impact can be severe. If you declare a value of £250,000 on a building with reinstatement cost value of £ 500,000 then Insurers will hold you responsible as co-insurer for half of any loss.

We can help you to obtain professional valuations of your portfolio and negotiate cover without this onerous condition.

Unoccupancy in Landlords Insurance

When a building becomes unoccupied it becomes at higher risk of water damage or malicious damage. This can lead to fires and severe damage. Most Property Owners Insurance has exclusions of certain perils that take effect when a property is unoccupied for over 30 days.  We work together with Managing Agents to prevent loss of cover through identification and protection of at risk properties.

Full cycle single point of contact Property Damage Management

All our Landlords Insurance customers have immediate access to a single point of contact with  a nationwide firm of Property Damage Loss Assessors.

The benefit of this service is a single phone number where Tenants can report any damage to your property, whatever the cause. A qualified Loss Assessor will be assigned to manage the repair of the damage, either through a claim to your insurance or in respect of ‘wear & tear’ damage through a repair quotation from a competitively priced contractor network, pre-authorised by you.

There is no cost to Property Owners for this service, the Loss Assessors fees are built into the margins of the contractor network and recovered from Insurers.

If you would like to know more about our services please do give us a no obligation call.

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