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Product Liability Insurance

Butler Evans are a leading Insurance Broker in the Product Liability Insurance market with a large customer base who are both importing and manufacturing product for a wide variety of customers.

We have arranged cost effective product liability insurance for products as far ranging as Health supplements, motorised toys and medical devices. We also provide cover for resellers and manufactures exporting to the USA & Canada, selling through fulfilment houses like Ebay & Amazon and second tier products such as automotive and rail industry parts.

Importing products from outside the EU carries substantial risk due to UK Consumer Protection Legislation and the difficulties of subrogating claims against overseas manufacturers. Product Liability insurance will help you pass on claims by using subrogation rights on your behalf to recove claims against the responsible party.

Product Liability Insurance

We provide Product Liability Insurance for a wide range of goods, from Aircrafty, Automotive, Rail & Construction to Childrens Toys and Sports equipment to Foods& Beverages, ingredients and health supplements.

Specific product liability insurance is also available for medical products which can include medical trials.

Whatever you need we can provide advice and assistance to protect your business.

We compare a wide range of quotes to ensure you get the best deal

Cover limits up to £50,000,000 are available

Full support and assistance when you need to make a claim

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What is Product Liability Insurance?

If you are a business that sells products, these could cause your customer an injury through being defective. Product Liability Insurance protects you from this risk. Normally this cover is provided within the Public Liability section of your Commercial Business Insurance, however in respect of high risk products such as Pharmaceuticals, a separate policy may be required.

I am not a manufacturer, do I need Product Liability Insurance?

Yes, every business which sells a product intended for the end user in the form it leaves your premises, as opposed to providing a service, needs Product Liability Insurance. If you are not the manufacturer then there is a good chance you can pass liability back to them, but you will still need to defend the claim and obtain an indemnity from the manufacturer which will require the help of insurers.

Importing from outside the EU.

Under EU Law, the importer who first receives products manufactured outside the EU becomes the statutory liable party for injury caused by defects. Product Liability Insurers can still assist you to defend a claim and pass the liability to manufacturers is possible. It is often difficult to force manufacturers based in the Far East to accept liability because of the differences in legal systems and language.

Selling or Exporting to USA & Canada

Our Product Liability Insurance can cover sales & exports to USA & Canada and because of our experience in arranging cover for high risk product liability insurance, we can offer competitive prices and proactive methods to reduce your risk.

High Risk Products

We have a great deal of experience providing high risk product liability insurance, some of the products we have insured include:

  • Aircraft, Automotive & Rail Sector
  • Powered Toys, Mini Motos & Mini Quads
  • Childrens Bikes & Sports Toys
  • Food ingredients, Health Supplements
  • Knives & Replicas, Airguns & BB Guns
  • Pyrotechnics, Explosives and detonators
  • Medical Products & Pharmaceuticals
  • Construction Industry Products, Cladding Products

Our Product Liability Insurance related services:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Consider this product of you undertake Design or Specification of products but do not manufacture the any products.

Commercial Business Insurance

Consider this product if you are a manufacturer of any goods. This suite of Insurance products will protect your Product Liability Insurance as well as Property, Business Interruption, Employer’s Liability and General Liability.

Importers Insurance

Consider this product if you import goods especially if these are then stored prior to sale.

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