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Public Liability Insurance and Products Liability Insurance can be purchased in isolation or as part of a combined package. However, the right advice is needed on the level of cover to purchase and how to disclose your activities to Insurers so no claim is rejected.

Public Liability Insurance | Product Liability Insurance

As one of the essential business insurance protections, Public Liability Insurance is a product that we take a great deal of care to arrange properly for our customers. It is the unpredictable nature of Public Liability Insurance claims, often driven by changing legal precedents, that make it essential to purchase a generous level of coverage.

SMEs often fail to obtain adequate Public Liability Insurance cover, especially when they expand or move into new areas of business. Here are some of the key facts about Public Liability Insurance you need to know:

  • Standard Public Liability Insurance cover is on a ‘losses occurring’ basis, which means that if a claim is made against you then your insurance falls under the Public Liability Policy that was in force at the time the injury to the Third Party occurred.
  • Cover is provided in respect of the activities of the business. You should always fully disclose all the business activities to your Public Liability Insurers to ensure they will cover all claims against you.
  • Cover is provided against claims of civil liability, the insurers will not necessarily cover you for contractual liability or statutory liability.
  • Standard Public Liability Insurance policies cover your legal liability arising from a defective product you have manufactured or sold, this cover is normally for a fixed amount (aggregate) during the policy period.
  • Policies will exclude risks that can be covered under more specific insurance available, for example Employers Liability, use of motor vehicles and Professional Services Liability.
  • Pollution including asbestos contamination will be limited to cover following a sudden and unforeseen event, gradual pollution or contamination risks need to be separately insured.

There are a range of additional covers available to enhance your Public Liability Insurance to meet the needs of more complex business activities, we are very experienced in the analysis of individual business risks, tailoring Public Liability Insurance to meet your exact requirements.

Our Public Liability Insurance can be tailored for a range of business activities including:

  • Contracting & Construction
  • Manufacturing including Product Recall and Product Guarantee
  • Retail areas, Public events
  • Professional Indemnity & Financial Loss
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Efficacy (fitness for purpose)
  • Contractual Liability
  • Vicarious Liability
  • Environmental Liability & Pollution or Contamination risks.

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