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Now you can obtain competitive Recycling Insurance for your Recycling or Waste business with secure UK Based Insurers from a broker you can trust. We compare quotes from a range of Insurers so we can help you establish the very best value insurance cover for your business.

Cover is available for all types of Recycling and Waste activity, including the handling of designated Hazardous waste. We can offer flexible cover for Property in isolation or Liability Insurance in isolation, combined packages and associated insurances.

Our expert staff are happy to talk with you to provide no obligation initial free advice. Call us today on 0845 431 0448

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We canvass all insurers in the market on your behalf to secure the best deal

Comprehensive cover including Fire on your Machinery & Equipment

Fire Risk Management advice if you want it from our expert staff

The number of good quality Recycling Insurance companies in the market has increased steadily over the last few years, driven by improvements in Fire Risk Management across the sector.

As an independent specialist Recycling Insurance broker, we have access to all these insurers so you can be confident we will be able to  obtain competitive insurance for your business. Our Insurance products are tailored to meet your exact requirements including:

  • Competitive prices for Recycling Insurance for your property, plant and business interruption
  • Public & Products Liability / Employers Liability Insurance from £500 a year
  • All types of Recyling & waste activities can be insured
  • Fire risk management advice when requested
  • Flexible Premium Insatalment options
  • A sensible policy excess

Apply for a quotation now using the form below and one of our experts will call you as soon as we can.

Recycling Insurance Waste Insurance

We’ve also produced a document providing practical Fire Risk Management advice that could help save you thousands on your Insurance premiums. Follow the link below to download it

8 Risk Management tips that could save your Recycling business!

There is a direct link between risk management and Recycling Insurance costs. The more time you spend on risk management, the less insurance premium will be required by your insurers. We help you to identify risk management methods that will have the most beneficial effect on your business and Insurance costs.

The link between Risk Management & Insurance costs:

Is Risk Management expensive?

No, basic strategies can be introduced virtually cost free. Our Risk Management services focus on the greatest benefits at the lowest costs.

Why is risk management important for the Recycling Insurance providers?

There has been a rapid development of business in the Recycling sector and the number of businesses buying Recycling Insurance has increased dramatically. Recycling is a process that has many fire hazards arising from the processes and materials being reclaimed. Recycling Insurance providers have seen a huge increase in fire event numbers in the sector, which has led to Recycling Insurance providers becoming more cautious when considering underwriting these risks.

How much does our Recycling Insurance cost?

Recycling Insurance costs are falling, but only for well managed businesses. Typical prices range from a 0.75% rate on property values to 1.25% depending on the type of Recycling activities. Through our focus on risk management we are able to keep offer more competitive Recycling Insurance premiums than our competitors and also encourage more insurers to consider your business.

Recycling Insurance cover available through Butler Evans  includes as standard:

  • Property Insurance & Business Interruption
  • Employers Liability
  • Public & Products Liability
  • Motor & Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Engineering Inspection & Plant Insurance
  • Directors & Officer Liability

This is not an exhaustive list of products we have available, so if your interest is in a product not already on this list please do get in touch.


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