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Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance

Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance is going through a major price adjustment in the market, but many firms are not getting the advice they need to prepare proposals for insurers that will achieve an acceptable renewal quotation.

Our experience in tackling hard market conditions means we will hard for you with good advice and an understanding of how to present your risk to Insurers in a favourably way to secure the best Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance quotations.

Architects Professional Indemnity

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Using an Insurance Broker who can access Insurers across the whole market is critical to securing a fair premium for your renewal quotation.

Pushing out your proposal forms through a number of different brokers is counter productive, especially when some may not have the experience to properly assess your presentations to ensure these are favourably before landing on Insurer’s desk.

Butler Evans have key strategies that assist our customers achieve a reasonably priced Architects Professional Indemnity quotation when less experienced brokers may struggle, so please do get in touch today to discuss how we can make a difference for you.


Butler Evans Collateral Warranty Review Service

All our customers have access to Collateral Warranty reviews including deeds of covenant & novation.  Various levels of are available from a free simple Insurance Review through to an in depth Full Legal review undertaken by a London based Construction Lawyers. Please do contact us for further information on this service.

From AIG to Zurich, we go to ALL insurers on your behalf for Quotes

We can offer Professional Indemnity limits up to £ 20,000,000 as standard


The impact of the Grenfell Tower fire has been substantial on the residents and emergency teams involved, but it has also had a huge impact on the Insurance Industry with large claims hitting Architects Professional Indemnity Insurers in respect of allegations of specification of unsuitable cladding products.

However, understanding an Architectural Practices exposure to Fire Combustibility issues can dramatically assist in reducing the price charged for your Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance renewal. We can help you to complete a Façade & Cladding questionnaire to provide insurers with a fair appreciation of your exposures.

We also provide advice on the differences between the various Fire Combustibility clause wordings that are now being applied across the market, so you can make an informed decision regarding your eventual Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance solution.

Are you a Cladding Design Professional or Design & Install company? Visit our Cladding Professionals page here>>>

The development of Architects roles in modern construction projects including use of new technologies such as Building Information Modelling and CDM responsibilities means that claims against Architects Professional Indemnity insurance policies are increasing in complexity and value.

It is more important than ever for Architects to carefully consider the terms of their insurance protection, including looking for Full Civil Liability policies instead of Negligence only cover.

Butler Evans have experienced Chartered staff who will assist you to choose the correct Architects Professional Indemnity insurance to meet your precise needs. We can further assist our customers when faced with onerous contract terms including Collateral Warranties and Deeds of Covenant by providing relevant advice on the terms of these agreements before you sign,

Our existing customer base includes practices offering a broad range of Architectural services from Commercial & Industrial building design through to Project Management & Planning services.

When you become a customer of Butler Evans we will assist you fully if you are unfortunate enough to have any allegations of wrongdoing made against your firm, liaising with your Insurers to ensure they robustly defend your position or, where appropriate, assist you to allow a commercial decision to be made.

We offer quotations for Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance for the following types of professionals:

  • Architects
  • Project managers
  • Town planners
  • Electrical engineers
  • Heating and ventilation engineers
  • Many other design professionals


  • Full Civil Liability Legal costs, awards and settlements for any claim that relates to a civil liability arising from the conduct of your professional business
  • Covers claims brought against anyone who is or was a director, partner, member, principal or employee of the firm for work undertaken for your professional business
  • Cover for liabilities imposed by an adjudicator appointed to resolve a dispute under the terms of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996
  • Cover for your defence costs where an allegation of misconduct is made against you


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