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Get a great value Motor Fleet Insurance quotation quickly and easily from Butler Evans. Our experienced staff compare your Fleet Insurance quotations from a wide range of insurers to ensure you will always get the best value for your business.

Complete our short quotation request form and one of our Motor Fleet Insurance experts will get in touch with you as soon as we can to discuss your needs.

Using our experience and expertise we will establish the right information that Insurers need to know in order to give you their best value quotes.

We compare quotes from a wide range of insurers on your behalf

Quotes available for higher risk fleets like Taxi, SDH and Courier

FREE Motor Legal & ULR cover

All our customers receive complimentary Motor Legal Expenses Insurance no matter how large the fleet.

Here is what one of our new customers had to say:

Many thanks for your e-mails and extremely valuable information. It is greatly appreciated and provides my Business Partner & I with a much more informed view, that is clear & concise.

We value the time and effort you have put in researching our claims history. Both the level of attention to detail & transparency you have shown is a rare commodity to find in the insurance world and on this basis, both [my business partner] & I would be delighted to engage you (Butler Evans) to become our Insurance Broker and both manage & arrange our fleet policy on behalf of our Company

Executive Chauffeur fleet owners, July 2017

The price of your Motor Fleet Insurance is highly dependent on your past claims experience and your risk management activities.

Insurers will provide various discounts on their standard Fleet Insurance prices for risk management features you have in place, which is why working with an experienced Fleet Insurance broker like Butler Evans ensures you receive the very best quotation.

  • Butler Evans assist our customers to challenge Insurer’s claims experience and reduce the levels of outstanding reserves to give you and prospective insurers a more accurate view of the risk.
  • We also help you to build a risk management profile which gives motor fleet insurance providers confidence in your future claims performance.
  • As an independent broker we search a wide range of Insurers for the best deal for you. No longer do you need to hunt around yourself in a time consuming exercise using multiple Fleet Insurance brokers.
  • All our Motor Fleet Insurance products are sourced from FCA authorised Insurers and packed full of features. Each can be tailored to suit your needs with flexible excesses, cover from Third Party only to Fully Comprehensive and quarterly declaration of vehicle changes to suit your needs.
  • Our Motor Fleet Insurance Benefits:

With Butler Evans you can expect a broad Motor Fleet Insurance policy covering Fully Comprehensive Insurance or Third Party, Fire & Theft.

Our policies also include specialist extensions such as:

  • Any Driver policies.
  • Airside & Rail cover.
  • New for Old on vehicles up to 12 months age.
  • Quarterly declarations
  • Personal Effects & Vehicle Modifications
  • Trailers & towing units
  • Uninsured Loss Recovery
  • Free replacement vehicles for non-fault accidents

Non-conventional motor fleet insurance

Where fleets comprise large numbers of vehicles we can assist you develop a more cost effective non-conventional Motor Fleet Insurance programme with self-insurance via mini-captives or an Insurer retro-rated deal.

Fleet Driver Training

Our insurers encourage Driver Training through discounted motor insurance premiums, saving an average of 16% on your insurance costs and helping you save even more costs outlined below, data from research by RoSPA and UK driving organisations:

  • Protect you and your company against prosecution and fines
  • Reduce your company’s accident rate by up to 25% after the first initial session
  • Financial savings of at least 30% are achievable
  • Your fuel costs by up to 12%
  • Lower your company’s CO2 emissions.

Our Motor Fleet Insurance services are available to a wide range of fleet owners including the following:

Fleet Risk Management recommendations for Motor Fleet Insurance customers:

Dash Cams: Simple to install and cheap to purchase, in car cameras are becoming an essential tool to protect your Motor Fleet Insurance against spurious claims. If you are a taxi firm, haulage firm or courier firm, these devices are especially useful to prevent fraud and help protect your fleet claims experience.

Telematics or Tracker devices: The biggest motor fleet insurance savings can be made by protecting your fleet with telematics devices. We can source these at competitive prices through our partnerships with specialist suppliers. Sometimes referred to as blackboxes, these devices give you access to a host of real time data helping you to save on fuel, fleet and insurance costs. Click here to read more about telematics.

Driver Behaviour Analysis: Telematics devices can provide you with useful driver behaviour data, sending alerts to your Fleet Manager when a driver starts erratic or dangerous driving behaviours. This can be a useful way to prevent serious runs of claims against your Motor Fleet Insurance policy.

Accident Management: If you are involved in an accident that is your fault, the other party can claim substantial damages abd repair costs against you. Butler Evans have established agreements with specialist ABI Tier 1 approved Accident Management companie who can help take control of the Third Party claim before it gets out of hand.

Driver Handbooks: Producing a document which sets out the expectations you have of your drivers can be a powerful risk management tool, covering a wide range of potential risks to the fleet including poor maintenance, use of mobile devices and personal vehicle use.

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