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Any business who occupies a premises, landlords with multiple tenants within a single premises or occupiers of premises with public access must now undertake a Fire Risk Assessment to identify and control sources of ignition, protect life through detection, provision of adequate extinguishing equipment and emergency evacuation.

Our Fire Risk Assessment service is provided by competent personnel with prior experience in the fire safety sector giving you confidence to rely on their advice.

A comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment service by competent persons

Extensive FRA Reports including site plans, evacuation plans & action plans

Fire risk management advice to help prevent events occurring

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All our consultants are legally competent to provide Fire Risk assessments for any premises falling under requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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Failure to complete a fire risk assessment to the standards required can result in a custodial sentence for both the premises owner and the risk assessor, as evidenced by one of the first cases brought to court in Nottingham. This demonstrates the high degree of competence the courts require due to the likelihood of severe injury or death in the event of a fire occurring. Owners have a duty to ensure assessors are ‘fit and proper’ to undertake this work so it is recommended a professional Fire Safety consultant is used.

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