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Are you a business needing Recycling Insurance or Waste Insurance?

Click Here for 8 Tips that will save your Recycling Business from Administration

The operator of a recycling plant in Swindon, where a fire burned for two months, has gone into administration….with good house keeping and proper Recycling Insurance advice this whole sorry story could have been avoided.

The BBC reported the sad tale of the waste disposal site losing their entire business because of a fire which raged for two months, and ended in an Environmental Order to remove over 3,000 tonnes of waste.

Here at Butler Evans we know that many recycling operations are squeezed by ever increasing insurance costs and are wondering whether to even continue. We understand that falling profits are pushing companies to cut corners often with disastrous consequences, such as those suffered by Averies.

Our number one top tip for all waste operators is a Professional Fire Risk assessment. We know that sounds costly or even a paperwork nightmare but in reality for less, often far less than £750, your waste site will be safe. You are jeopardising your whole business, your whole livelihood by not ensuring your site is fire safe. Usually the report results in no further costs…just a professional set of outside eyes making sure often simple things are put right and your waste site is safe.

Is your Recycling & Waste business heading for an Averies disaster or would you like some free advice that saves your business £thousands on Insurance costs?

8 Tips that will save your Recycling Business from Administration