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Solicitors Professional Indemnity commission charges can be lucrative for the brokers in this market, at Butler Evans we do our best to reduce these to a fair level for our customers.

Solicitors Professional Indemnity Commission Charges

Most insurers grant commission on Solicitors PI of 15%, some even higher. On low level premiums under £10,000 these commission levels are commensurate with the work brokers undertake. However with premiums over this level, we believe some brokers are profiteering at your expense.

Butler Evans operate a fair pricing policy that ensures you secure the best outcome for your firm. We are happy to rebate our commissions down to a fair level. For example, an average market premium of £20,000 plus taxes would generate a commission of £3,000 for the broker, however for firms with no claims in their history these commissions can seem unreasonable.

We provide a professional service including ongoing advice, claims handling and risk management. We just deliver these services more competitively by having regionally located offices and no layer of sales staff.

If you would like to discuss our policy or would like an estimation of savings that you could receive, please call us on 0845 4310 448

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