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About Butler Evans

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We are a family owned local Nottinghamshire business

Our staff are fully qualified and boast many years experience providing Insurance advice

We care about our customer service and will always be there to help you through a claim

Commercial Insurance Broking for the 21st Century

Butler Evans employs a new style of  Insurance Broking Service which strives to integrate Risk Management, Health & Safety Management and Insurance Protection into a single cohesive strategy that benefits our customers in the following ways:

  • helping reduce uninsured and unrecovered losses or waste that immediately impacts the business’ bottom line
  • reducing accidents and lost time, meaning business gets the most out of their employees and supervisors
  • improvinmg employee morale because this leads to long-term employees who will  increase productivity
  • reduce both frequencies of claims and severity, thereby keeping insurance costs low in the long-term.
  • improving the financial strength and profitability of Butler Evans customers.

We will always aim to secure cost savings for you

A different relationship with our customers

Most Insurance Brokers have a business model where ownership of clients is by the body corporate. Your client service executive is an employee who has no ownership in the goodwill of your business. Rather than being encouraged to remain employed by a fair share of the success, executives are under restrictive covenants in an attempt to put barriers in the way of them furthering their careers elsewhere. When executives do inevitably move from a company, their clients are abandoned and need to develop another working relationship with new staff.

At Butler Evans your Account Director is a business partner and always retains ownership and responsibility for your relationship with us.

How we achieve this unique model & keep our costs low?

Simply by sharing our back office resources between a group of other Account Directors who own their businesses.

This brings all the strengths of a much bigger organisation at less cost by providing ownership of the goodwill to the people our clients know and trust, allowing Butler Evans to establish true long-term working relationships with our clients and still provide the buying power to deliver:

  • Whole of market broking including Lloyd’s of London
  • Competitive pricing of Insurance products
  • Full compliance & FSA Authorisation
  • Risk Management
  • Health & Safety Consulting
  • Traditional Claims Management services
  • Major Loss Expertise
  • And more….

Company Mission Statement:

“Our company mission is to become your Professional Commercial Insurance partner, assisting you to maintain comprehensive risk transfer at affordable costs through innovative insurance and risk management products. We will always deliver our services with integrity, professionalism and high quality advice at a fair price.”.”

Our Regulated Products and Services

We offer Insurance Mediation services in relation to regulated Insurance products in these categories:

General Insurance for Commercial Customers

We do not offer pension, investment or mortgage advice, life insurance or critical illness products. You should speak to an authorised Independent Financial Adviser in relation to these products and services. We can recommend a suitable Practitioner if you require.

If you are unsure whether a product you require can be provided by Butler Evans please ask us:

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