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Our Commercial Insurance Broking service is delivered with integrity guaranteeing we always deliver the best coverage and value for money whatever your requirements.

Butler Evans Health and Safety

With our years of experience recovering claims on behalf of our customers, your claims will be in safe hands at Butler Evans. Should you need to make a claim we will ensure every claim is handled in a timely and proficient manner leading to the maximum entitlement under your Insurance coverage with the least amount of fuss.

Our Claims Charter means we will always:

  • Respond quickly with real advice on dealing with the circumstances
  • Assist you to gather evidential information on the extent of your loss
  • Liaise with Insurer’s Claims departments to report and process claims
  • Proactively drive through claims to settlement
  • Always work in your best interests
  • Keep you fully informed throughout the process

Servicing Existing Claims

When appointed as your Risk & Insurance advisor we will secure control of any ongoing claims you have and use our expertise to secure a settlement of these claims that meets your expectations as quickly as possible.

Getting the basics right

We believe in a partnership approach to the management of claims. This means investing time with you and your insurers to:

  • Establish expectations on all sides
  • Agree a working protocol
  • Understand your administration processes
  • Understand insurers’ evidential requirements in the event of a loss
  • Understand insurers’ reserving policy

Management Information

Our staff will maintain detailed records of all your claims circumstances. This allows us to produce meaningful Management Information on claims incurred by you, assisting you to develop robust risk management strategies to reduce the impact  of claims on your business profitability and premium costs.

Challenging Reserves

During renewal negotiations your Insurers will look at your historic claims information when calculating premium rating for the following year. If your claims history is inaccurate or out of date, this can adversely affect your prospects of securing a competitive renewal premium. We use our expertise and experience to identify where inaccuracies exist, especially in relation to outstanding reserves on Liability claims, which can remain at inflated levels for many years if unchallenged. Each renewal we will undertake a review of your claims and challenge the Insurers where we feel your claims history is detrimental to your forthcoming renewal.

Insisting Insurers meet their obligations

We always challenge repudiated claims and will use our expertise to secure the right outcome for you. Insurers may use their interpretation of Policy Wordings to decline your claim, however we have experience in negoitating settlements for you using our expertise to identify policy coverages.

Major Claims Services

We hope that you never suffer a catastrophic loss occurrence, but if the worst does happen, we have the resources and experience to help you rebuild your business.

Faced with a total loss of your premises through fire or a major accident involving your employees, it is impossible to anticipate the demands on your time and your staff personally. We will respond quickly to help you manage the situation and implement your recovery plan in the following ways:

  • We will attend the site of the event as soon as practicable.
  • We will liaise with Emergency Services, Local Government Authorities and neighbours in relation to Insurance matters.
  • We will help you to establish a team of Qualified Professionals to assess & quantify your loss.
  • We will co-ordinate the submission of information to Insurers and attend meetings with you and their representatives.
  • Secure interim payments to help balance your cashflow.
  • We will use our skills and experience to successfully negotiate an acceptable claim settlement.

Our claims services free to you as an existing customer, or if you like we can work for you independently where you are looking for specialist advice.

Contact us to discuss your requirements by calling Paul Evans ACII on 07970 898 383 or emailing us at

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