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Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance

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As a regulated Profession, Architects must carefully consider how they source their Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance. At Butler Evans we maintain access to the whole Authorised Market, so we can compare a wide range of quotations to ensure you receive the best value and service.

Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance

The development of Architects roles in modern construction projects including use of new technologies such as Building Information Modelling and CDM responsibilities means that claims against Architects Professional Indemnity insurance policies are increasing in complexity and value.

It is more important than ever for Architects to carefully consider the terms of their insurance protection, including looking for Full Civil Liability policies instead of Negligence only cover.

Butler Evans have experienced Chartered staff who will assist you to choose the correct Architects Professional Indemnity insurance to meet your precise needs. We can further assist our customers when faced with onerous contract terms including Collateral Warranties and Deeds of Covenant by providing relevant advice on the terms of these agreements before you sign,

Our existing customer base includes practices offering a broad range of Architectural services from Commercial & Industrial building design through to Project Management & Planning services.

When you become a customer of Butler Evans we will assist you fully if you are unfortunate enough to have any allegations of wrongdoing made against your firm, liaising with your Insurers to ensure they robustly defend your position or, where appropriate, assist you to allow a commercial decision to be made.


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