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Our Risk Consulting services will help you to prevent severe interruptions to your business, help increase production, reduce insurance costs and improve the financial resilience of your business.

All our Insurance customers can receive free advice and reduced consulting costs.

Commercial Insurance Broking
We canvass a wide range of Insurers to guarantee you receive the best value for money
If the worst happens we will be there to help you deal with the aftermath and make your insurance claim
All our clients receive Risk Management support to increase productivity and reduce insurance costs

Business risk management is defined as a process for identification, assessment and prioritisation of risks followed by structured coordination and economical application of resources to minimise and control the occurrence or impact of unfortunate events or to increase opportunity for success. Do not worry if that seems a mountain to climb, we are here to help.

Decipher the jargon and cost effectively implement Business Risk Management that has real benefit to your business.

Business risks arise in a multitude of ways. for example from uncertainty in financial markets, project failures  (design, development and production), legal liabilities, credit risk, accidents, natural causes and disasters.

The strategies to manage risk typically include reduction and control followed by transferring the remaining risk to another party (for example by contract/insurance.)  Where the financial strength exists to accept part or all of the risk within your corporate structure, the rewards can be great.

Butler Evans works with you to identify business risks and discuss methods to manage these risks cost effectively with the objective to maximise your profitability and success. 

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