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Professional Fees Funding Solutions

100% of your fees paid within 14 days

Generate new business

Your customers can pay by instalments

Always have positive cashflow

If you are a professional service provider, you will realise that sometimes it is difficult to crystalise work because customers cannot afford your fees at the time they need your service. With Fee Solutions, you can offer your customers a straightforward  affordable monthly payment option to help spread the costs.

The Fee Solutions system is accessible on a secure web-based portal with minimal fuss and no clumsy forms to complete. An instant decision is given and all the documentation generated in the background for onward
transmission to your customer.

Initial set up costs from as little as £250 inc VAT,  system can be live within days.

Always get 100% of your invoiced fees within 14 days!

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Further benefits of Fee Solutions:

Strengthen your best client relationships instantly…

Use Fee Solutions to give your best repeat customers a budget plan which is based on real use of your service, not an arbitrary fixed retainer.

Compete for more work…

Use Fee Solutions to help clients afford to litigate when fees would otherwise be a barrier.

Manage your own approvals…

You get sole discretion on offering finance to your clients, subject to a low level credit check. This also helps you identify potential bad debt clients before you take on work.

Supports your cashflow…

Your fees are settled within 14 days and there is no cost or greater credit risk to the practice.

Benefits to your client

  • Both regulated and unregulated contracts available for funding both individuals and partnerships alongside companies, PLCs, LLP organisations and other corporate bodies / charities / local authorities.
  • Client repayment terms of either 4,6,8 or 10 months duration
  • Rates of interest starting from 3.9%
  • Interest Free contracts can be put in place for your select clients, subject to a subsidy charge. Simply a discount for a very prompt and full settlement to you whilst still allowing the Client to spread the cost over an agreed term
  • Full settlement of Fee Note in 14 days
  • Online portal for document generation – you remain in control of all documentation at all times and all will be electronically sent to us for completion.
  • No requirement to provide proofs of signature via copies of driving license or passport as we rely on your holding KYC information for Clients (to make for easier administration)
  • Facility utilisation up to, and potentially beyond, 10% of Practice annual gross Fee income, subject to accreditation.*

*As this is a rolling facility, we have seen that, with contracts between 4 and 10 months duration that the actual funds that can be turned within a year would probably exceed your accreditation value within the 12 months period. As deals come off then others can be added within the available headroom.

The impact of an unsecured funding facility to put money into the Practice remains cost free. What is the impact of the cost savings / potential for using the funds for acquisition purposes apart from the savings achieved as a result of a reduction in any possible borrowing charges? We think our offering consisting of a competitive cost of funding and a payout in 14 days is very attractive.

“FeeSolutions Limited is an independent private finance company to the professions and business partner of Butler Evans Risk & Insurance Consultants Limited”

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