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Our flexible Medical Malpractice Insurance and wider Professional Liability Insurance cover is sourced from secure Insurers with a proven track record insuring Medical Professionals.

If you are looking for a Professional Liability Insurance quotation for a non-medical activity please visit our Professional Indemnity page here.

From Private Practice Consultants to Medical Product suppliers, we cater for any Medical activity or service. You can obtain a Professional Liability Insurance quote by completing the form below.


We compare products from the whole market to ensure you get the best quotations.

Limits of Indemnity up to £50,000,000 available. Low excess points with flexibility to save you costs

Full support if you have an allegation or claim against you.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance provides a contractual obligation by Insurers to defend allegations made against you (or your business) and indemnify awards for damages.

Read more on the difference between Medical Malpractice Insurance and a Medical Indemnity agreement here.

Our Medical Malpractice policies cover liability for Bodily Injury, Medical Product Liability and Medical Professional Indemnity. Further extensions of cover are available for specialist risks such as Medical Trials.

You should consider Medical Malpractice Insurance if you or your practice provide:

  • Diagnosis and advice on treatment
  • Dispensery services
  • Medical Treatments
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Bartiatric Surgery
  • Other Medical procedures including Surgery
  • Medical training or supervision
  • Manufacturing and distribution of medical devices or medicines
  • Medical Research

The Insurers we use are financially strong Lloyd’s and London markets, giving you the confidence that they will be able to settle claims against you no matter how long these take to resolve.

To obtain a quotation it is usually recommended to complete a proposal form which, when properly undertaken, provides Insurers with all the information requires to provide a fair quotation of terms.

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