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Motor Accident Management Company

Our Commercial Insurance Broking service is delivered with integrity guaranteeing we always deliver the best coverage and value for money whatever your requirements.

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Our Motor Accident Management services are among the most comprehensive available in the marketplace. Tailored to your exact requirements, our 24/7 Motor Accident Management services range from simple admin support through to a dedicated first notification of loss scheme.

  • Ability Report accidents from the roadside for realtime incident capture
  • All recovery & repairs managed on your behalf
  • Replacement vehicles of identical model on non-fault accidents – including HGV & Special types
  • Guaranteed hire vehicle for own fault claims with full Fleet Club package
  • Manage Third Party Claim costs to protect your own Motor Fleet claims history
  • Recovery of loss of use claims
  • Personal Injury claim management
  • Track vehicle accidents with full reports emailed in minutes to your desktop
  • Promotes good public relations as Third Parties also benefit from our total repair management
  • Available for any UK Motor Insurer
  • All hire companies are ABI approved first tier providers

How it works

In the event of an accident, your driver can call a freephone number from the roadside, or as soon as convenient afterward.  One of our team of Motor accident management team will take them through our reporting process ensuring all relevant information is recorded including the identity of any Third Party, relevant insurance details and a summary of the number of occupants and any injuries. Where vehicle recovery is required, we can arrange this over the phone for your driver and the Third Party.

Whether the accident is your fault or not, we will manage the repair to your vehicle through the relevant Insurer approved repairer.

Where the accident is your driver’s fault, we will also manage Third Party vehicle repairs and hire them a replacement vehicle at a discounted rate, helping to protect your Motor Fleet claims record against excessive costs.

Following the accident report we will send your fleet manager a full summary for your records and keep you informed throughout the repair of vehicles.

What are the costs?

Our standard service is completely free of charge. There are no hidden charges, we are reimbursed through insurers for the work we undertake. This work-share fee does not increase the size of any claim recovered from your insurers so it does not impact on profitability of your insurance policy, in fact through prompt notification of loss and pro-active management of third party claims, we seek to reduce the overall claims costs.

Butler Evans Fleet Club membership

Our service can be enhanced for a small cost to include the following additional benefits:

  • Guaranteed replacement vehicle of same model, including following own fault accidents
  • Maximum vehicle age 3 yrs
  • Stand by vehicles with company logo/corporate colours available for immediate replacement of damaged vehicles
  • Plated & licenced vehicles also available on stand by service
  • Free Vehicle CCTV Camera or Driver Training with every non-fault accident hire

Costs vary depending on the type of fleet and numbers of vehicles.

Taxi & Chauffeur

With access to a nationwide fleet of plated vehicles we can support Private & Public hire taxi firms, limousine, standard chauffeur and VIP chauffeur agencies. Often we have vehicles available already plated for your local council authority.

Additional Benefits to Private & Public Hire industry

  • Fast delivery to ensure minimum impact on business
  • We have relationships with all UK local council authorities
  • All vehicles are under 3 years old and well maintained
  • No mileage restrictions
  • Taxi meters fitted & calibrated before delivery

Personal Injury referral fees

We can provide an advance payment of up to GBP 1,000 per case on Personal Injury cases.

Since 1st April 2013 when the Jackson reforms came into effect there is a ban on personal injury referral fees. In the past these referral fees, sometimes up to GBP 600 per case, have formed a large part of the incentive for fleet owners to use Accident Management providers. Since Jackson reforms took effect, anyone giving or accepting a referral fee is breaking the law and may be prosecuted.

Prior to 1st April 2013 there were many poorly run credit hire businesses who existed to exploit the referral fees available. Services from these companies were poor and hire vehicles were often older and poorly maintained. Accident Management firms can no longer offer referral fees and you should beware of bogus operators.

Our Motor Accident Management service can assist in the management of any Personal Injury cases, however we cannot offer referral fees but we do offer a seamless service to reclaim both vehicle damages and personal injury damages from Third Party Insurers.

For this reason on Personal Injury cases we are only permitted to pay an advance on damages up to GBP 1,000 to assist the claimant.

Using our Motor Accident Management service could not be easier. Just complete our one page application form and we will supply you with a set of keyfobs with our dedicated freephone number so your drivers can start straight away.

If you want to call us to discuss any of the benefits in more detail please ask for Paul on 0845 4310 448

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