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Kidnap and Ransom Insurance provides real assistance for you when you travel to risky areas of the world. Our policies, sourced from Lloyd’s & London Market Insurers, have a range of benefits including access to up to date counter abduction intelligence on those territories you are looking to visit.

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The risks of you or your employees being abducted by persons with criminal or political agendas has increased worldwide in recent years. Whether this is on land or by piracy, the abduction or kidnap is quickly followed by a demand for ransom.

You have to make a judgement call on how to respond to that demand. Your response will need to be carefully planned using intelligence gathered in that region so that you fully understand the kidnappers’ motivations and likely price for release. Make the wrong judgement call and it can end in disaster for your friend or colleague. Just as difficult is having to advise the abducted person’s family of the news. Using the right words to convey the news sensitively and positively.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Cover

The immediate benefit of Kidnap and Ransom Insurance is to provide highly qualified expertise and advice from consultants with years of experience in hostage negotiation across the globe. The Insurance Policy meets the full costs of this expertise, including travel and accommodation expenses to send a team of experts to the territory for ‘on the ground’ support.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance also includes these additional benefits:

  • Advice & expertise relating to threats of Extortion and Blackmail
  • Reimbursement of Ransom payments if you are forced to pay
  • Reimbursement of Ransoms lost or stolen in transit
  • Payment of benefits for Personal Accident
  • Travel & Medical Expenses

Abductions Worldwide 2010

Recent statistics from one of the leading security consultants worldwide demonstrates that this risk is not just restricted to war-torn areas of the world. In fact these are the top ten countries for kidnapping incidents during 2010:

  1. Nigeria
  2. Venezuela
  3. Pakistan
  4. Mexico
  5. India
  6. Afghanistan
  7. Philippines
  8. Iraq
  9. Columbia
  10. Honduras

These statistics change when you consider the numbers of Foreign Nationals involved, introducing Spain which is considered a ‘safe’ western European country by most travellers.

The corporations most likely to suffer abduction of their staff fall into these categories:

  • Mining & Minerals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Engineering, often working in support of the above
  • Charities


Piracy is a form of abduction and extortion. Cover is provided by Kidnap and Ransom Insurance in the same way as abductions on land.

What Kidnap and Ransom Insurance provides:

  • The highest quality of expertise and advice, but with no obligation to follow the advice. There is no detrimental effect on the other features of the policy.
  • A security that may be accepted by your bankers to liquidate assets for payment of a ransom
  • Approximately a 99% successful release of the abducted person

What Kidnap and Ransom Insurance can not provide in order to avoid encouraging crime:

  • Payment of ransom monies direct to kidnappers on your behalf.
  • Attempts of rescue or military operations

Butler Evans can help you apply for a quotation for this Insurance. Due to the nature of the threat, applications are treated with the upmost confidentiality and should a policy be purchased only the head of the family or corporation and the Insurer may retain records of the existence of cover.

To enquire in confidence about further information, please contact us by telephone on +44 0845 431 0448 or Whatsapp at 07970 898 383. You can email but please use a secure email account.

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