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Our Management Liability Insurance is a comprehensive protection for the Directors, Officers and Managerial Staff of a range of entities including Limited Companies, LLPs, Charities, Clubs and Societies.

Anyone in a managerial position may be accused of wrongdoing, from Financial Mismanagement to poor Employee Relations and diverse Statutory Legal requirements. A Management Liability Insurance policy gives you and your key members of staff the peace of mind that you have a professional legal team to defend you if an allegation is made. Should you be found liable for damages then the policy will indemnify the damages up to the policy limit.

Management Liability Insurance

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If an allegation is made against you, we will assist you through every step of a claim.

Market leading cover with Any One Claim limits of indemnity up to £5,000,000

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Our experienced staff have expertise in arranging Directors & Officers Liability Insurance policies across a range of different types of business and sectors, so whatever you requirements we can help you get competitive cover on the right basis.

Our Management Liability Insurance covers the following Directors & Officers Liability risks:

  • Legal costs, awards and settlements for any claim or regulatory action brought against any past, present or future director, officer or employee.
  • Legal costs of representing any director, officer or employee at an official investigation. n £100,000 additional limit for non-indemnifiable loss for each insured person.
  • Costs of up to £25,000 for rradar legal to investigate any new circumstance.
  • Costs of up to £100,000 for deprivation of assets.
  • Automatically gives cover on the same terms for all subsidiary companies including any subsidiaries bought during the period of insurance.
  • Includes claims brought in any jurisdiction including USA.
  • Claims against directors, officers or employees caused by the operation or
    administration of any pension scheme, employee benefit scheme or trust fund.
  • Claims against directors for an unlimited period following retirement during the period of insurance.
  • Claims caused by a failed public offering.
  • Claims against directors for personal roles with any charity or not for profit organisation.
  • Automatically includes 30 days cover on the same terms following a management buy-out.
  • Claims by parent company included.
  • Claims against directors for incidental professional negligence.

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