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Private Medical Insurance compliments the services provided by the NHS giving you access to the right medical advice and treatments quickly and conveniently.

Private Medical Insurance

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Private Medical Insurance can be purchased as an individual or a Family.

Get access to treatments and drugs not available with the NHS

Private Medical Insurance (Private Health Insurance) is not necessarily an expensive luxury. In fact with access to many different providers, we can compare a range of quotations to get you a really competitive deal.

While the National Health Services provides a valuable basic medical service to UK citizens, Private Medical Insurance gives you peace of mind that you will receive the very best of care available if you become ill.

Having Private Medical Insurance provides you with some key benefits over the basic NHS services including:

  • Quicker diagnosis of conditions and expert second opinions
  • Shorter waiting times for medical treatment
  • Better treatment facilities including private rooms
  • Access to specialist drugs and treatment not available on the NHS

The overall benefit of Private Medical Insurance is a more speedy treatment and recovery from illness or accidents.


Medical plans provide Private Medical Insurance and a range of fixed benefits in addition to the unforeseen medical expenses provided by basic Private Medical Insurance.

These include Dental Fees and Opticians costs for example.

These medical plan cover are especially beneficial to company schemes looking to provide a wide range of added benefits to employees.


As an independent broker we have access to a wide range of Private Medical Insurance providers to suit every budget and cover option you may require.

Simply call our experts who will discuss a policy review with you to establish your requirements and find the best deal from our Private Medical Insurers/

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