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Make a more positive choice of Commercial Insurance Broker with Butler Evans.

What sets us apart from our competitors is how hard we work for our customers, always with honesty, integrity and with your best interests at heart.

Whether that is delivering on your price expectations or bespoke cover, our experience and expertise help us support your Business Insurance needs, claim recovery and risk management throughout our relationship.

We offer a comprehensive range of Business Insurance solutions from reputable Insurers. Currently our most popular products include Professional Indemnity Insurance, Sonographers Medical Malpractice, Product Liability Insurance and Cyber Insurance.

If you are a business in the following sectors then our dedicated client directors will have knowledge and experience to deliver a customer focused Risk & Insurance solution that delivers on your expectations for price, resilience of cover and quality of service.

Solicitors | Accountants | Architects | Surveyors | Construction | Rail | Transport & Logistics | Warehousing | Import/Export | Manufacturing | Motor Trade | Medical & Healthcare | Media | IT & Tech

Using our extensive experience and technical knowledge we will help you to assess your requirements and then compare quotations from the whole Commercial Insurance market, so you can be confident you will receive the best value cover and service at a fair price.

Our commitment to you is to always deliver the best value Commercial Insurance cover and advice every renewal without reducing the quality of our service. We are remunerated by a fair level of commission from insurers, where our service requires any additional cost this will be clearly communicated and agreed with you in advance.

As an ethical Commercial Insurance Broker with Chartered staff, all products are also arranged with full advice on coverage and how to structure your insurance purchases to achieve good value without leaving any areas under insured.

Our experienced staff of Commercial Insurance Brokers have specialisms in a broad range of industries and sectors so you can be sure our Commercial Insurance products will include any applicable coverage extensions you may require.

Utilising our embedded Risk Management services will reduce frequency of insurance claims, your Commercial Insurance premiums will stay lower and your business will be more financially resilient. Many of the Risk Management we offer is at zero or nominal cost.

We do not ‘sell’  you Commercial Insurance, we use our expertise to advise you on the right product for your requirements ensuring you will find all our products are tailored exactly to your expectations and budget.  If you are a privately owned business who appreciates straightforward advice and a long-term relationship with your commercial insurance broker we would be delighted to speak with you today.

We are immensely proud of the many long-term working relationships we have with our customers, both locally in Nottinghamshire and throughout the UK, which is testament to the integrity and quality of our Commercial Insurance Broking services.

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Existing Customers

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Product Focus – Professional Indemnity Insurance
If you use your knowledge and experience to provide a service, design or specification that your customer relies on due to there relative lack of the same expertise, you have a need for Professional Indemnity Insurance.
We provide quotations for all Professional Indemnity Insurance products, from Accountants to Zoologists. Take a look at our dedicate Professions Division here.
Product Focus – Cyber Insurance
With GDPR Regulations coming into force and weekly reports of Hacking events, we are getting asked more and more about Cyber Insurance by our client’s. However, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about the cover afforded by the products available.

We can offer Cyber Insurance from as little as £ 200.00 per policy covering a range of essential benefits to protect the modern business.

Read our plain English explanation of Cyber Insurance here and what options you have to protect your business.
Product Focus – Product Liability Insurance
We are still amazed and concerned by the number of retailers who do not have adequate Product Liability Insurance. If you import your goods from outside the EU then legislation makes you fully responsible for any defects in the product. Suppliers in the Far East are unreliable when protecting their retailers in the West against manufacturing defects.

We cover Product Liability for any risk including USA Exports, Children’s Toys, Health Supplements, Motorised equipment and Medical Products

Read our page on Product Liability Insurance here for a full overview.

“Our company mission is to become a valued Commercial Insurance & Risk Management Partner to our customers through excellence in our service provision, the quality and price of our insurance products and the strength of our claims management service. We will act with honesty & integrity and strive to meet our customer’s expectations.”

Commercial Insurance Brokers with integrity

At Butler Evans we pride ourselves in only employing highly experienced and qualified staff, ensuring our customers always receive the highest standards of advice and care.

We are constantly seeking out the newest and most innovative Commercial Insurance products to help you to manage risk and maintain  low cost insurance. Recent additions to our portfolio include Recycling Insurance products for well managed businesses in the sector. Our Recycling Insurance product comes with a full fire risk consulting service.

Our specialisms also include a very comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance service which caters for sole practitioners through to large Professional firms with complex requirements. We have a strong proposition for regulated Professions including Solicitors, Architects, Accountants and Surveyors.

We also have strengths in Commercial Liability Insurance and understand the wide variety of legal liability risks to which a modern business is exposed. With long-standing existing customers in sectors such as Rail and Construction, we can provide competitive Liability Insurance for many high risk activities. Combined with our risk management and Health & Safety management resources, your commercial insurance prices will remain stable year after year.

Commercial Insurance Broking is at the heart of our service

We believe that our customers expect us to always deliver the best value Commercial Insurance, therefore, Insurance Broking forms the cornerstone of what we do. To us this means maintaining our independence to source products from all insurers, including Lloyd’s of London and London Insurance Companies. It also means reviewing your Commercial Insurance contracts every renewal to ensure they meet your expectations.

Our Insurance Broking service is directed and delivered by experienced staff based in Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands. The Account Directors at Butler Evans boast over 60 years of combined Insurance Industry experience serving well known commercial businesses in the UK and worldwide. Our service standards are flexible and tailored to your exact requirements. With broking & back office functions managed by over 25 staff our product portfolio compares with the largest National brokers, but our costs are competitive and we can offer your business a real difference in long-term value for money.

Our central UK office locations near Nottingham and Leicester make us ideally placed to serve you wherever your business is based. We offer a customer focused service and are proud of our attention to professional advice and service. Unlike many of our competitors we are not sales focused, our products are recommended based purely on suitability and value.

Most importantly of all your account executives will continue to look after your relationship personally and take full responsibility for assisting you with any claims negotiations, should the need arise.

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