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Fire Safety

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Because fire can inflict serious damage to your business and put the safety of employees and members of the public at risk, it is one of the most important Business Risks to manage. Butler Evans offer complete solutions for Fire Safety and Fire Risk Assessment. Our solutions suit SMEs through to complex risks with electrostatic spark risks, ATEX and explosive atmospheres, cooking risks, hot plastics fire risks and volatile hydrocarbon compound use as examples.

We can offer a free GAP audit to help you assess your risks, contact us for further information. We also have specific expertise in sectors such as Recycling & Waste processing, Food & Beverage, Construction and Plastics.

However, it takes time and commitment to exercise a beneficial Fire safety Plan. In addition, failure to use a competent person to complete a Fire Risk Assessment can lead to Directors and Business owners being prosecuted and imprisoned under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, as a recent Nottingham case demonstrated.

Fire safety management is acheived by assessing fire risk and then taking steps to eliminate hazards, reduce exposure to hazards and manage outcomes of a fire event.

The competent person conducting a Fire Risk Assessment should be able to demonstrate

  • Over 5 years knowledge of Fire Hazards & Safety.
  • Knowledge of the Fire Regulations.
  • Knowledge of Fire Safety Guidance from the HSE, the Fire Protection Association and other bodies.
  • An understanding of your industry.

Following completion of the assessment, you should undertake regular:

  • evacuation drills
  • fire extinguisher and fire safety systems servicing and maintenance
  • testing of fire detection system
  • fire safety audits

Butler Evans help our clients to manage their fire risks and obtain a corresponding  reduction in Insurance premium costs. Reducing the risk of sufferring a fire also manages your exposure to consequential loss of market share and customer base which can lead to business failure, so we believe this to be the single most beneficial exercise in risk mangement.

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