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Sonographer Insurance

Our competitive Sonographer Insurance is available through a range of secure insurers and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements including cover for Fetal scanning, Therapeutic Scanning & Injections and other treatments.

Policies can be bought for individuals, partnerships/groups or corporate entities.

To obtain a Sonographer Insurance quotation you will need to complete a proposal form which can be downloaded using the button below. Please do call us if you require any further advice or assistance.

Sonographer Insurance

Access Sonographer Insurance that meets Regulatory Body requirements

No claims bonus and other special cover available

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Sonographer Insurance is part of our range of Medical Liability Insurance products. This type of insurance covers you in respect of any financial demand, or assertion of a financial right or entitlement against the you arising out of the conduct of the Sonographer activities. IA Sonographer Insurance will typically include:

  • Professional Negligence/ Breach of Professional Duty
    Public Liability
    Libel and Slander
  • Breach of Confidentiality (including Data Protection breach)
  • Sexual Harassment / Abuse
    Loss of Documents
    Rescuers and Good Samaritans

Additionally, policies will cover Legal Defence Costs and Expenses in respect of the insuring clauses mentioned above and:

  • Circumstances notified under any Claims Notification Conditions
  • Regulatory, disciplinary or criminal proceeding costs
  • Costs of attending a coroner’s inquest or inquiry

What Limits of Cover are available for Sonographer Insurance?

Insurers typically offer three standard limits of cover, £1,000,000 or £2,000,000 or £5,000,000 including defence costs. Higher limits are available on request.

Why do you need Sonographer Insurance/Sonographer Professional Indemnity?

Medical staff use expertise and give advice on a daily basis, sometimes that advice can go wrong or the patient may feel that the advice caused a problem, even if there was no fault. This can give rise to a claim or assertion of financial liability against the practitioner for their perceived negligence.  Ultrasound Insurance covers the defence of allegations and , if you are found liable, any award of damages up to the limit of insurance.

If I am an employee or self-employed status working for another company, do I still need cover?

The Law regarding employment is complex and even though your employer is generally vicariously liable for your actions, you might find that your employer seeks to avoid liability, especially if you do not comply with the full terms of your employment.

What is Retro cover, why do I need it?

Sonographer Insurance cover is a claims made policy, meaning you are insured for claims or allegations made against you and notified to insurers during the policy period. Cover IS NOT linked to the date of the activity that caused the potential damage. A retroactive cover date is applied to your policy which excludes any activities undertaken prior to the ‘retro’ date. Because Society of Radiographers Members can demonstrate they have been previously insured under the Society scheme, Insurers will consider retroactive cover back to the date of commencement of the applicant’s SoR membership.

What is an Extended Reporting Period Cover?

When you cease practice, risk of claims does not cease as there can be allegations relating to your past activities that come about in the future. Since Sonographer Insurance is a claims made policy, all cover ceases when it is not renewed. Therefore, to avoid cover lapsing when you cease practice, policies have an option to purchase and extended reporting period during which claims can be notified after the policy expiry.

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