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Our Fire Safety Courses have been carefully developed by Fire Safety Experts to assist UK Companies comply with Fire Regulations and the Health & Safety at Work legislation.

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Directors and Senior Managers in the UK (or their equivalents in un-limited entities) are Legally obligated to ensure their businesses meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Health & Safety Legislation.

Failure to meet these legal obligation can and has already led to prosecutions and imprisonment, so it is important to take these obligations seriously.

A very brief summary of what has to be implemented under current regulations

As part of our legal requirements in the UK, the ‘Responsible Person/s’ (Directors and Senior Managers) have to install fire safety infrastructure and implement actions and procedures, they are summarised and listed 1-7 below.

Should any of the next headings raise any issues for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us, we can facilitate in all areas to final resolution.

  1. Undertake a Fire Risk Assessment, and to take appropriate remedial action if required by the Fire Risk Assessment.
  2. Providing a means to detect a fire, normally resolved by the installation of Fire Detection Systems.
  3. Providing a means to warn people that a fire is present, normally resolved by the installation of Fire Alarm Systems.
  4. Have and implement appropriate safety drills, to be followed in the event of an emergency, including fire, this is normally resolved by the implementation and practice of emergency evacuation procedures.
  5. Provide employees with fire safety training, in order that they are able to conduct themselves safely should a fire occur in a place where they work.
  6. Providing an adequate means of escape from fire, providing such things as; emergency escape doors, safe escape routes, emergency lighting.
  7. Providing a means to fight a fire, normally resolved by providing portable fire extinguishers, but may include; fixed water hose reels, or even specialist automatic or manual ‘drenching systems’.


If you wish to examine this subject in more detail, then we are offering a FREE FIRE SAFETY COURSE titled:

Fire Safety Legal Requirements for Directors & Senior Managers

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