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Smart Tracking or Telematics to give it a technical name is the latest tool to reduce a range of fleet operating costs including Fuel, Driver training Insurance.

Telematics used to  be an expensive luxury, but now Telematics and Insurance is working together to keep insurance costs down. When you add this to the fleet running costs that can also be saved, then there is a compelling financial argument for using the little black boxes.

We compare Telematics from a wide range of suppliers so you don’t have to waste time shopping around for the best deal!

So lets start by looking at what a telematics  device is? Simply, it is a package of electronics that can measure certain parameters relating to the vehicle. There is normally  an accelerometer to measure change of vehicle speed, a GPS chip to record  location and a SIM card to transmit data in real time to the owner.

However, the real benefits are in using the data and the device in conjunction with other items such as the Engine Management System and Sat Navs. Used to its full potential this simple device can save more than 20% on the costs for businesses who own fleets of vehicles.  It helps compliance with the Health & Safety legislation , providing safety and security for your staff while working alone, allowing employers to respond in real time if an employee is goes missing or if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

GPS navigation and telematics work together to improve delivery route scheduling, Engine Management Systems can be connected to provide realtime data on fuel consumption and a simple warning light in the cab of haulage vehicles has been shown to improve fuel consumption by p to 15%.

Driving style data can be used to produce exception reported that can be addressed by cost effective online training or reviewing suitability of vehicles for the task involved.

Helping your workforce improve driving skills without the need for performance related examinations will improve relations with employees while providing a safer working environment, meeting Health & Safety obligations and reducing accident rates.

If you follow our advice in relation to managing all the fleet risks then substantial insurance cost savings can be made in addition to the benefits on running costs of the fleet. Butler Evans can provide a one stop integrated suite of services that deliver all your requirements