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What are the benefits of using a Virtual PA to help get on top of business administration? One of the benefits will be more time for you to work on your business. You can use this time to prospect new customers but we hope you will also use a little time to run some risk management, giving your business better protection against unforeseen events that can have a significant financial cost.

Whether you have a new business, working alone or have a larger company, growing quickly, there will be a time when you become overloaded with work.  Your to-do list will be growing longer as you add things to be done, but have insufficient time to complete the tasks.  Calls need to be returned, letters answered, email responses to be sent, or even emails may still need to be read – what’s your in-box like at the moment?

So what are the options when work overwhelms you?  If you’re not quite ready to commit to employing someone, why not consider hiring a Virtual PA?  If this concept is new to you, a Virtual Assistant or VA, can be explained as a “self-employed, highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services”.  Sound good?

Virtual Assistants actually come in many shapes and sizes to fit all business needs.  Some are experienced PAs, whilst others are skilled in marketing, event management, web design or social media.  Whatever your business, you can guarantee there will be a VA somewhere experienced in your sector, and that’s another benefit, your VA can be based, well, virtually anywhere!  Using the internet, webmail, cloud computing and Skype, it’s now possible for anyone to work from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection and VAs specialise in this.  Many successful entrepreneurs outsource to more than one VA, utilising the particular skills of each one to help develop and grow their business.

In a nutshell, the benefits to your business of a Virtual Assistant are:

  • No overheads – a VA will utilise their own office space and equipment
  • Cost effective – pay for as many or as few hours as you need.  A VA will only charge for the work done on your behalf which could be an hour or more per day, a few hours per week or even just an hour or two each month
  • No HR headaches – no employment contracts or holidays and sickness to manage as your VA will have a backup plan and organise cover when she/he is not available
  • Appearance of a bigger business – to the outside world, you have an assistant, a PA, someone to answer your calls, respond to emails, book appointments, schedule meetings, organise travel, chase payment – the list is endless
  • An asset to your business – unlike hiring a different temp when work overwhelms you, by providing regular and ongoing support, a VA will learn about your business and no re-training will be required.  Your Virtual Assistant will also champion your business and actively work with you and support you to improve your service, sales, productivity and profitability.

Discover more by contacting a Virtual Assistant today for your free, no obligation consultation.