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The number one rule for winter driving is only make your journey if you have to. If you or your employees need to make a journey these tips can help avoid accidents and protect your Motor Fleet Insurance:

Balance your speed – too fast and you risk losing control, but if you go too slow you risk losing momentum
Start gently in second gear, avoiding high revs. Stay in a higher gear for better control
Only use the brake if you cannot steer out of trouble, use your gears to help reduce speed when approaching a junction.
Increase the distance at which you follow other vehicles
Plan your journey around busier roads, which are more likely to have been gritted
On a downhill slope, get your speed low before you start the descent, and do not let it build up
In falling snow, use dipped headlights or fog lights, but switch off if conditions improve
Business owners need to remember that when employees are driving on company business, they fall under the Health & Safety at Work Regulations and if you fail to risk assess a hazard you have breached the Law and can face prosecution both individually and as a business.

See our feature on Driving Risk Management for more help