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Forward facing vehicle camera systems becoming a requirement for Fleet Managers to protect businesses against staged accident (cash4crash) fraud.

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Fight  ‘#cash4crash’; staged accidents & bogus whiplash claims.

Our UK Insurers have uncovered an average of 381 fraudulent insurance claims, which total to more than 2.7 million pounds in worth EVERY DAY. This translates into 139,000 fraudulent claims costing honest customers one billion pounds a year. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg regarding these false accusations. It is estimated that overall, a further two billion pounds of undetected fraud – all of which is adding an extra £50 to the annual household insurance bills. The simple answer: An in car camera. The forward facing digital video camera is easily mounted to the dashboard, providing recordings to a flash memory card on a continuous loop. An integrated accelerometor detects any potential accidents and stores 40 seconds of footage around the impact. It’s important  you install the cameras as this digital video evidence can then be used by your insurer to determine whether the accident was a set-up!

  • Full HD resolution camera
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty
  • Hard wired unit- no batteries required
  • 100% road legal unit
  • UK Insurer and road traffic organisation recognised
  • Reduces motor fleet insurance costs
  • Risk management tool

Additional Fleet Benefits

    • The units can be moved easily to any new vehicles
    • They work in both Day and Night conditions
    • All come with a voltage dropper for HGV use, (there may be a small additional cost for orders under 10 units).

Call us now 0845 4310 448- don’t be a victim of cash4crash fraud! Prevent your insurance costs spiralling out of control!

Discounts available on orders of 10 or more units.