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If the UK leaves the European Union, the Green Card System will be back. Don’t leave yourself exposed to fines and arrest in Europe, get the facts here.

What is a Green Card?

In this context a Green Card is an internationally accepted document providing evidence of valid Motor Insurance when taking vehicles across international borders. It is used within a group of 47 countries who have entered into the Green Card System by an International agreement. (Not to be confused with a US Green Card which is evidence of entitlement to residence in the USA)

Where do I get a Green Card?

Green Cards are issued by your Insurers on behalf ofg the Motor Insurance Bureau, who is the Body responsible for managing the Green Card System wiythin the UK. If you need a Green Card, you need to apply to your insurer in good time prior to your departure to enable the card to be physically printed and posted to you. Electronic Green Cards are not allowed in the current arrangements.

How much does a Green Card cost?

Insurers normally charge a nominal fee for production of a Greencard, this can vary but is normally no more than about £25.00

What is the Insurance Cover Provided by Insurers when I use a vehicle abroad (Green Card Insurance)?

Insurers ONLY provide Third Party Road Traffic Liability coverage to the minimum levels required under the local legislation within the country you are travelling to under the Green Card System. Third Party Road Traffic Liability covers damage you cause to property including vehicles owned by other road users and personal injury you cause to any other person through the use of your vehicle.

What about Damage to my vehicle, fire, theft & windscreen?

Most Insurers will extend the cover for your vehicle to include these losses for an additional premium dependent on the type of vehicle and length of duration of your travel abroad.

Can I drive abroad on my UK Licence after Brexit?

I am afraid there is no easy answer to this question, the rules are fluid and you should seek the latest advice from the DVLA here: 

If you need further assistance, please do contact us at

Please see the below link to view countries currently within the Green Card system.

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