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Obtaining Bariatric Surgery Insurance at a fair price can be tricky. Procedures are on the increase and, unfortunately, so are instances of surgery going wrong. Insurers are wary about the risk, so you need to understand the Insurance Market to get a good deal.

Recent studies have estimated that the instances of death occurring from Gastric Bypass surgery is around 1 in 420. As you can imagine, cases of patients being re-admitted for other serious complications are also frequent. With Medical Malpractice Insurance damages in excess of £ 500,000 being claimed on a regular basis, you can understand why Insurers are getting more and more nervous when it comes to providing cover for Bariatrics.

How to find a low cost Bariatric Surgery Insurance quotation:

The key to obtaining a good quotation for your Bariatric Surgery insurance is utilising the services of a broker who understands the medical sector properly and can access a wide range of insurer to compare prices. A good broker will know the current Insurers who are offering the best terms and help their client s to complete adequate proposal forms and documentation to achieve a low cost quotation.

Is there a difference between Medical Defence Insurance and Medical Defence Union Indemnities?

Yes there is a worrying difference between these products.

A Medical Defence Union Indemnity is a membership benefit provided by the MDU who will agree, provided the request meets with membership criteria and is in the best interest of the Union as a whole, to indemnify legal costs incurred by a member to defend their name. The agreement to indemnify is normally considered on a prospect of success basis.

Medical Defence Insurance (also known as Medical Malpractice Insurance) is a contractual agreement between you and the Insurers whereby the Insurers are obliged to defend you against any allegation, irrespective of the prospects of success or the terms of any Union membership.

How much will Bariatric Surgery Insurance cost?

The price is solely dependent on the standard of the presentation made to Insurers. At Butler Evans we spend time reviewing our customers proposal forms to ensure they have been completed fully and in the best way to present your business for quotations.

The most important aspect to achieving a good price for customers is having a range of insurers to approach for terms, Butler Evans are independent and have access to the whole market to give our clients the best opportunities for achieving the best prices.

Typical Insurance policy costs start at £7,500 to cover Bariatric Surgery, but can be many times more than this if you have suffered a frequency of claims. Importantly Butler Evans can arrange flexible insurance with options of higher excess points to reduce the costs of cover.

If you need further help please visit our Medical Defence Insurance page or you can call us on 08454310448