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Butler Evans are an experienced Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance  broker who offer free advice as part of our commitment to helping you get the best value quotations each renewal.

Our friendly staff are always happy to speak to concerned Practice Managers about any aspect of Insurance Protection or Claims Management.

Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance Helpline

Our helpline is always open for advice and support for your Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance renewals. Please do give us a call for free confidential and no obligation advice

Solicitors Helpline - Call 0845 431 0448

2016 Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance information:

With several new ‘A’ rated Insurer entrants to the Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance market during the last 12 months there is no better time to test pricing and service for your PII renewal. In fact Butler Evans have already secured terms well below last year’s pricing levels for 2016 indemnity year policies. However, firms should note the following advice to ensure they receive the best value quotations:

  • Use a fully independent broker, such as Butler Evans, who can approach the whole Insurance Market on your behalf.
  • Do not approach many different brokers, the insurance market is still relatively small and insurers work on a first come first served basis. You are better served by working with a broker who will carefully review your proposal documents before sending your enquiry to the market.
  • Use a broker who will offer their services at a competitive level of fee/commission

We are a friendly and experienced team who have placed primary Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance since the 2001 cessation of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund, so please do give us a call:

Paul Evans ACII or Simon Roguska FCII – 0845 431 0448

or you can email us on

If you would like a Solicitors PI Quotation from Butler Evans click here.

Alpha/QIM Insurance Renewals from July 2015:

The Underwriting Agency who bound business on behalf of Alpha Insurance have now obtained support from a new ‘A’ Rated carrier. However, not all renewals are being carried over without a new proposal form being completed.

Firms being asked to complete a new form should seek alternative quotations as a precautionary measure. Butler Evans can obtain quotations for you, please visit our Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance Quotes page for help.

Further, during the 2013 renewal period Alpha Insurance offered some quotations on what we would describe as a expensive terms due to lack of market capacity, if you have not reviewed your Alpha PII terms in 2014 you should seek some alternative Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance quotations this year.

Personal Injury work

We can obtain quotes from A rated security for firms with  large amounts of PI work.

Residential Conveyancing

We can now obtain quotes from A rated security for firms with large amounts of residential conveyancing work.

Distressed Firms

If you are finding it difficult to obtain a quotation do not panic, do not start sending proposal forms to every broker you can find. This will only lead to the insurers in the market being flooded with applications and your will not succeed in obtaining a quotation.

Please DO speak to us for advice, we are happy to assist. Butler Evans are experienced Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance brokers who can review your circumstances and assist you to improve your presentation to insurers and secure an Indemnity Insurance quotation.

Call us on 0845 431 0448 or email for help.

Market Updates:

From September 2013 –  Who to contact for quotations

The majority of firms who are sole practitioners through to four partner firms can try the following contacts for quotations. There is a full list of available insurers at

  • Butler Evans can access a wide range of insurers including Travelers, QIM/PEN, Maven, Axis, Amtrust, Zurich, Hannover, QBE, AIG, WR Berkley, Allianz and Enterprise, we cannot access the following:
  •, an unrepresented Insurance scheme arranged by the Law Society and only available online..
  • Lawselect members scheme. Please email
  • Liberty Mutual via Marsh. Please call 0207 357 5622

If you are unsure how to approach any markets we have relationships with most Solicitors Indemnity brokers and will be pleased to assist you.

If you are a firm with 4 partners or above please call us for advice on the 4+ market requirements.

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY RENEWAL TERMS? As renewal approaches you should consider the following:

  • Check with the Law Society PII guides to see if you have approached all available Insurers (You may need to ask your broker who they have approached on your behalf)
  • Check you have submitted a fully completed legible proposal form
  • Check you have a complete claims experience history for the previous six indemnity periods dated within the last 30 days
  • Check you have submitted supporting documentation required for any areas in the proposal form where your answer requires further elaboration of detail

If you have not accepted a quotation on the 1st of October, your insurance will continue under the Extended Indemnity Period rule. You should check the Extended Indemnity Period Rules for full guidance

We will happily discuss your circumstances and offer advice.

Call 0845 4310 448 or


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