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Mercian Open Cover Insurance Application form

  • please name the IP/s and the IP Firm names in this field
  • eg Joe Bloggs (in bankruptcy)
  • please include postcodes if known.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

* The following is the current list of excluded trades:
Ammunition, Fireworks or Explosive Manufacturers
Aquaculture risks (other than property firmly fixed to land)
Aviation Risks, Aircraft Industry, Aeroplane and Aircraft Operation, maintenance or repair
Candle Manufacturing
Cellulous Plastics & Goods Manufacturers
Crude Oil & Fat Manufacturers
Nuclear Energy Risks
Offshore Risks
Oil Refineries
Petro Chemical Risks
Power Stations & Sub Stations
Rag Carbonising & Grinders
Resin Manufacturers
Solar Panel Parks & Wind Parks
Space & Space Related Risks
Straw Goods Manufacturers
Thatched properties

In the event you need cover for the above trades please call us immediately on 0845 431 0448 (office hours) or 07970 898 383 (out of hours)

Call us on 0845 431 0448 for assistance