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Here are a few developments in the Telematics systems we use that can help save businesses huge amounts on their motor fleet insurance and running costs….

Butler Evans has teamed up with F16Consulting to provide access to any telematics system on the market for our customers. This gives greater choice to ensure that the product specification, functionality and price represents the very best value for our clients.

Telematics devices can be linked to accident management services so that our operators will call your driver in the event of an accident.

Your drivers can be trained based on specific driving styles automatically based on parameters you set with Drive4Safety’s automated online training modules. This complies with Health & Safety Managemnt and provides a tool for reducing accidents.

Motor fleet insurance costs can be reduced by monitoring unauthorised drivers using the latest telematics device software to detect different driving styles.

Contact Paul Evans for a no-obligation discussion around your specific needs on 0845 4310 448

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